Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heroes on a Budget: Amazonia's Shield!

Given all the interest in shields on the various forums I asked Am to give us a run down on her shield (buckler.)
I'm reposting it here, from her blog.

Amazonia's Shield Tutorial
Posted on August 5, 2011 by Amazonia
I’m going to detail how I made my 12in round steel shield. These same directions could be used to make any size shield and not just the size I made. Just remember, the larger the shield, the heavier it will become. This one is fairly heaven and wears on you after a couple of hours.

JB Weld
Hand rivet tool and rivets
(4) 8mm head bolts and nuts (minimum)
(4) Washers (need the same amount as bolts)
Straps from old gym bag (to make handles for shield)
(2) 12in heavy duty steel pizza trays
(similar as found at this website )

MD NOTE: I've seen even thicker for sale. If you want more protection go out and scrounge a flat piece of thin steel and JB weld/screw/tape to the facing.

To start you want to take the two (2) pizza trays and on the outside of one apply the JB Weld to it and then take your other pizza tray facing the same way, butt them together and let the JB Weld to set. This is so they won’t move while your drilling the holes for the rivets.

Once that is set up take your drill with the correct drill bit for the size rivets you’re using and drill four holes at each of the four cardinal points, north, south, east and west as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1

Now until drilling holes half way between the ones you just drilled as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2

Now continue drilling holes around as in figure 3.

Figure 3

Then drill the holes for the straps with a drill bit the correct size for the bolts your using. The basic location for the bolt holes are shown in figure 4.

Figure 4

Once you have done the drilling and you riveted everything together, hold off on putting the bolts through the holes, we will be doing that in a little bit. Now take your JB Weld and go around the edge of your to pizza plates that are now riveted together with the JB Weld. Let that set and then sand it down smooth. This will make it appear that it is all one solid piece when looking at it from the side.

Taking your Straps from the old gym bag and figure out the length you need in order to make the straps for your shield. You already figured out where the holes should be for these and drilled the holes already. You will be putting the bolts through for two of the holes on one side of the shield. You will need two pieces of strap. One shorter than the other, the longer one will need to be almost twice the length you need to wrap over your arm and fold back on itself. Once you have the lengths figured out, you will attach the velcro to the longer piece. One on the bottom part and one on the upper part in a way so that they will latch together. This will be how you will strap on the shield. Now cut holes into the straps and push them over the bolts and then take one of your washers and then the nut and tighten down till nice and tight. You will need a wrench on both sides in order to tighten completely down. Do this for the other strap. See below for pics of my setup.

Once you have all this done, you can paint this shield in whatever colors you prefer.

Remember this shield is only good for blunt protection and offers no bullet protection of any kind.
If you do build this shield I do not take any responsibility if you should get hurt or killed while using the shield.

As an addendum I'd add padding on the inside of the rim, as I've harped on previously. Camp mat, spray glue, and duct tape of your color choice.

Once again, if you can AFFORD better equipment do so. My little experiments and finds are for those who have to make do.
~ MD

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