Friday, July 29, 2011

Heroes on a Budget: Liquid Hate

The original Heroes on a Budget project from November 2010.
Created by Grey Man and myself last year from a modified recipe I got from Amazonia.

LEGALITY: Probably pretty shaky. Then again if we're looking at home-made modified stun gun boots, why not a little home-made pepper spray.

It's been tested by Urban Avenger:
"I tweeted a lot about the tests and while they are not as extensive as I would like (my face still burns from ambient exposure to both products) I have to conclude that LH is an excellent alternative to PS. Am I saying don't carry PS if you don't have to? Certainly not. But if you really can't afford it or for some reason burn through the stuff, LH is handy. I would only recommend a different delivery system. My pepper spray shoots a stream, as opposed to a mist, which makes it easier to aim and is more concentrated. However in a small squirt gun (which I picked one up the other day) LH would make an awesome self defense tool. I believe this stuff could also be put into paintball grenades or water balloons for alternative forms of use. I may and actually try and improve upon the formula. They use jalapenos and cayenne peppers distilled in rubbing alcohol. I'd like to take habaneros and other hotter peppers and distill them in vinegar. I bought the stuff a while back but have misplaced the stuff.
Ultimately, I give liquid hate the urban avenger seal of approval."

It's been called 'bug juice' by Silver Sentinel:
"We better keep an eye on Grey and Midnite.. these two are a Darwin Award just waiting to happen."

And it burns like a motherf@cker when it hits your eyes and mucus membranes.

Here's how to make it.....

Quoting Grey Man:
2 small glass jars with lids
1 bottle rubbing alcohol (70% or more)
12 dried jalapenos
handful dried red chilies (cayenne)
cone style coffee filters

Roughly crush 6 jalapenos and ½ the chilies and place in 1 canning jar, add ½ the bottle of rubbing alcohol.
Close the jar tightly and let sit 2 days to a week. Place a coffee filter into the second jar and slowly filter the liquid into the second jar and lid it tightly. BE CAREFUL TO NOT GET ANY ON YOUR SKIN!

I recommend DOUBLE BAGGING the left-over solid portion of this “brew” when you throw it away, seriously!
Repeat this process for the second half of the ingredients. Lid the resulting liquid tightly, and place the jar in a sunny window for a week or two. Again I say: BE CAREFUL TO NOT GET ANY ON YOUR SKIN!

This stuff is very close to store bought pepper spray, which means its next to toxic, seriously be careful when dealing with it!"

The stuff got even stronger when it sat around for two weeks.
When sprayed and walked through after a few seconds of hanging in the air it will make your nose run, choke you, and cause you to tear up badly.

A few minutes ago, after I wrote the above, I took a spray and walk through. The damn stuff still as mean as ever. I got small particles in my throat and got to choke, snot, and wheeze for a number of minutes. Ornery. It was created back in November 2010 and here, July 2011, seven months later, it still burns like fire. We store it in a canning jar. It has a good shelf life apparently.

It's cheap, easy, and works. It has it's flaws but it can be useful if you've got nothing better.
Try it out. It's worth a shot.

We originally used small finger pump bottles (such as perfume or little body mist bottles), self priming, easily concealed and brought into play to deliver it to a target.

I've started using a simple vial with a flick off top to throw directly in the targets face if the need arises.

We're working on other ways to cause mayhem with it, including my idea of filling an inexpensive refillable aerosol can with it and turning it looks to fill a room with a mist. That would be insanely horrible to be in the middle of. Useful? Probably not but it's a thought. I've also considered mixing it in with shaving cream in the aerosol can to create a Liquid Hate foam splatter. It might be psychologically more effective if delivered this way and the foam will be very hard to wipe off completely without spreading the Liquid Hate around.

Waterguns and other pressurized sprayers/toys/etc were tossed around by myself and various individuals. I've also considered the rubber tube "Paintball grenade" idea.

Remember: use responsibly.

If you can afford legit Pepper Spray THEN GET SOME. If not, this is an alternative. Use it safe, use it smart, and for God's sake don't use it on someone who didn't need it.

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